Noki Jones

California Coast in Acrylic

September 1 – October 1  2017
Bodega Bay, CA |Bodega Head|California Coast

Golden Surf

Bodega Bay, CA |Pacific Ocean|Ocean Waves

Sunset Dancing Wave

Bodega Bay, CA |Pacific Ocean|Sunsets

Visiting Pacific Sunset

California artist Noki Jones

Visit the ‘Views of the California Coast and Sonoma County’ which are painted onto canvas in the one-of-a-kind style of Noki Jones.

“The character of Sonoma County and Northern California’s coast is inspiring and finds its way onto my canvas in bold colors, shapes and humor”.

His ‘Dancing Wave’ and ‘Visitor’ series represent the powerful coast and the people who come here to visit it.

Noki has exhibited his paintings and is an award wining artist, including the Sonoma County Fair’s Professional Art Section.  He is collected worldwide.