Guillaume Azoulay

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January 3 – January 28,  2018
Guillaume Azoulay - horse art - etchings

Le Horla 1/1 Hand Water Colored

Guillaume Azoulay - Exodus - horse art

Exodus 1/1 Hand Water Colored

Guillaume Azoulay - Vol de Grues - etchings

Vol De Grues 1/1 HC Edition

Guillaume Azoulay

Special Editions of ‘one-of-a-kind’ serigraphs and one-of-a-kind Hand Water Colored etchings have recently been released by the youngest artist to have ever been ‘twice’ accepted into the permanent archival collection of the Louvre Museum, Paris.

You are welcome to come and visit the largest Guillaume Azoulay gallery collection and see hundreds of Azoulay’s artworks from 1977 to 2017.

Azoulay has been called the ‘Master of the Line’ as he only uses lines to create his drawings. When a drawing is completed, it is then transferred onto a copper plate using a diamond tipped stylus. Then, the ‘intaglio printing’ process is used to create the finished etching.

      Intaglio printing  – a printing process which uses an etched or engraved plate; the plate is smeared with ink and then wiped clean, with the only ink remaining is in the recessed grooves. Then, a sheet of paper is placed on the plate and extreme pressure is applied so the paper will make contact with the ink in the grooves.  As a result, you can see the beautiful, clear ‘plate marks’ around the border of each image.

It all began in Casablanca in 1949, where Guillaume Azoulay was born.  He was ten years old when his family moved to France and at thirteen years old, Guillaume was selling his drawings on the streets of Paris.  It seemed that he was well on his way to becoming a creative force in the world of art.

Anxious to experience life on the go, Guillaume left home at the age of fourteen, traveled thru Europe and the Middle East and paid for his travels by selling his art.

For a while, Guillaume acted and appeared on stage.  Eventually, he realized he would need to make a choice between preforming art and visual art, so he left his acting behind and focused on creating drawings.  During this period in his life, he met and married the well-known Welsh ballerina Charmaine Seal.  Charmaine had been a dancer and actress on England’s comical ‘Benny Hill’ TV show.  In 1976, the newlyweds left for the United States.

Azoulay was beginning to be recognized as an important artist and had exhibitions in Rome, Sardinia, Paris, and Amsterdam before he met Charmaine.  But it was when he arrived in the United States that he exploded onto the American art scene with the force of passionate collectors behind him, including Hollywood elite and political figures.  While Azoulay’s subjects have varied at times, it is his etchings and serigraphs of horses for which he is best known and most collected.

In 1978, Azoulay was accepted into the permanent collection of the Louvre Museum, Paris.

In 1983, Azoulay was chosen to create the posters for the Kentucky Derby.  His beautiful Derby etchings, done in sepia, capture the movement and excitement of the race.

Even though he remains a widely collected artist and most of his works are now rare, sold-out editions, Guillaume Azoulay continues to produces his etchings and serigraphs in very limited numbers.

Guillaume Azoulay is collected by Kings, Presidents and admirers worldwide.